Tom Fogarty

Tom Fogarty

… is a professional web developer and music writer from Camberwell in London. This is his online home where you can read his blog and find out what he’s up to*

Tom loves tattoos, punk rock and PHP. Also barmaids.

Madly enthusiastic about all things digital, Tom can be found across the web under many guises: SpiderWebDesign, PHP Flea, Mr Fatty Goo, Zombiecide, Tom Fog

Compulsive Tweeter, frequent blogger, occasional moustache grower

*This is a personal website and the views expressed here are his own (or stolen from other people down the pub).


RIP Chas Hodges (and Stan Lee)

On 22nd September the world lost a musical legend; Chas Hodges of cockney duo Chas & Dave fame, sadly passed away. One of the all-time greats, Chas’ songwriting talents cannot go unrecognised and should be regarded with the highest esteem

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List Mania 12: November Retox

As an antidote to last month’s Stoptober malarkie, here’s an itinerary I’ve devised for you to follow during November. 1.┬áRed wine. Halloween-themed. Sort of. Post-Samhain, the 1st of November is All Saints’ Day, so why not kickstart your retox by

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Tower Hamlets Cemetery (with photos)

I managed to tick another of the “Magnificent Seven” off my list this month. For anyone that doesn’t know, this is a list of famous Victorian cemeteries that were built in London, scattered around what was then the city outskirts.

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