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Tom Fogarty

Aka Mr Fatty Goo or PHP Flea, is a web developer and music writer from Camberwell in South London. This is his online home where he shares his cynical, sarcastic and somewhat pessimistic views in his blog - approximately once a month.

Tom loves tattoos, punk rock and PHP. Also snooker.

Madly enthusiastic about all things digital for his day job, this site mainly focusses on Tom's interests outside of work instead; mainly gig-going, tattoo experiences, travel adventures and conversations from down the pub. Pointless lists feature on a regular basis.

He writes and shares photos for fun and hopes you enjoy what you read here.

Compulsive blogger, frequent moustache grower, occasional taxidermist

Tom is a keen Millwall supporter but don't let that put you off! He is also a bookworm and horror film addict and his current interests include GG Allin, indoor climbing and growing cacti. He often takes part in Movember.