Zombies Ate My Neighbours


Maybe the most ludicrous opening line to a blog post ever, but I love zombies!

I’m not sure if there’s any psychological reason for this… Perhaps it’s because I feel like an outsider. Possibly it’s because I think the world is full of idiots, who I’d like to shoot. Probably it’s just because I like watching films where tons of giblets/gizzards/guts are pulled out of people’s stomachs.

And what’s wrong with that?

I’ve been hooked on zombie films since I first saw Evil Dead when I was about 12. Since then I’ve seen them all – the good ones, the bad ones and the very very ugly ones.

When I was a teenager I was hooked on a Super Nintendo game called Zombies Ate My Neighbours (US title). Although I’m not really a gamer today, I still play it sometimes on my laptop using an emulator. I’ve got a mate who plays Resident Evil on his Xbox and he says he can sit and play the whole thing through in 12 hours straight (without any toilet breaks or anything!). I’d like to join him for a session sometime, but the thought of us sitting there in our Y-fronts for 12 hours is a more scary image than any scene from a zombie flick.

A couple of years ago The Curzon Cinema in Soho showed an all-nighter zombie marathon – Night of The Living Dead, Dawn of The Dead and Day of The Dead. I was very excited. My then-girlfriend wanted to come too, although I knew she wouldn’t like it. When the night came she was ill, but still insisted on coming (despite my protests). After the first film she insisted that I take her home. I did so, but I never forgave her. Harsh? I think not; just firm. Firm, but fair.

Tonight I donated some money to Ad Lane’s “Indywood” project – Invasion of The Not Quite Dead. I’m a big fan of non-studio films (that’s how I became a massive Troma fan in my teens), and I’m really keen to contribute to Ad’s film (even if only in a tiny way). By contributing I get to be a zombie extra in the film which I’m really excited about! I actually think I’d make an interesting-looking zombie; wiry frame, heavily-tattooed and with a massive moustache. Not as good as the Hari Krishna zombie from Dawn of the Dead though.

Anyway, check at Ad Lane’s website, it’s a really cool project:


Truth be told, I like anything that’s a bit squishy or icky, whether it be zombies, Troma films, Garbage Pail Kid stickers or… snails!

Today I’ve booked to get a zombie tattoo in the next couple of weeks. I’ll post pictures (of course!) when it’s done.




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