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Sometimes music can provide the soundtrack to a certain time in your life, and even inspire you to behave in a certain way.

I remember when I had my first tattoo way back in 1998, this song by Fountains of Wayne was on the radio a lot (if you listened to XFM). In reality when I had the tattoo, for some inexplicable reason the tattooist wanted to listen to Magic FM. I had to sit there while this hefty Irishman marked my hip for life with indelible ink, while he sang along to You’re Once, Twice, Three Times a Woman by Lionel Richie. He had no sense of irony about it at all.

Recently, after a lengthy hiatus, I started getting tattooed again. Click the photo on the left to see the music video Red Dragon Tattoo by Fountains of Wayne.

And this is another great tattoo tune by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.


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