New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

This definitely just an excuse to make a list (I do like making pointless lists).

Go on holiday (i.e a holiday longer than 2 days, and where I do not have to spend it working).

Get into the Groucho club.

Become a proper web developer/designer (I’m sick of the technical support side of my day job).

Learn CodeIgniter properly

Build a couple more client websites (and get paid).

Do some artwork again. I’m really into the idea of getting this DarkSide/DownSide exhibition up and running. Basically, it’s a collaborative art project about the dark, gloomy, morbid, seedy side of life. If you’re interested in taking part – get in touch!

Do more photography and finish off the “Magnificent Seven” cemetery project (Highgate and Nunhead)

Start my “Bedlam” book project I’ve been thinking about for years

Sleep with a woman (actually this is on my list every year – it’s more of lifetime mission, that one).

Get some Duncan X/Mr X flash work done on me (so I can discard the Photoshop foolishness).

Tattoo someone else (for a change).

Try some high-quality heroin.

Not necessarily in correct order, although I’ve tried to put them in the order that a normal person would put them in (if they were forced to put these items into a list).


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