Whiskey On a Sunday

I haven’t had a day off from work in 2 weeks. Long days too. Tomorrow I’m going to London Feis 2011 at Findsbury Park, which is an annual Irish music festival in London. Bob Dylan is headlining (I was unaware of his Irish credentials).

I love the Irish music and it’s drinking heritage/culture, but tonight after work I was in a pretty bad mood. Lots of people love the rowdy Irish drinking music – the stuff that’s gets you up and dancing (as do I, I’ve seen the Pogues 4 times now) – but I particularly like the sad, wistful folk music of Ireland.

On a whim, I looked up The Little Convict on YouTube – this was an Australian cartoon I remember from my childhood, starring Rolf Harris. This sounds silly, but listening to this song instantly transported me to my childhood; a place where I was safe, happy and free from the woes of adult life.

Youtube then suggested that I listen to this track by the Dubliners (a proper Irish band, fronted by Ronnie Drew), which I never knew existed, and is even better: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_A5CHEmTT5s

I am now happy, although I still wish I could be a child again.


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