Tom Fogarty - Finger Tattoo

What’s In a Name?

I’m not an ego-surfer in particular, but recently I have  been entering my name into Google rather a lot. Not out of vanity, but instead to see how highly Google indexes my site based on certain keywords – mainly my name (which happens to be Tom Fogarty in case you wondered.. although there is a clue in the title of site).

There happens to be a famous guitarist who shares my name, although he spells it with an “E” – Tom Fogerty. He’s dead now, but he used to play with a really cool band called Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Now my favourite film is An American Werewolf in London. Actually it’s my third favourite, Withnail & I and Big Trouble in Little China are my tops favourites – but I digress. By coincidence, Creedence Clearwater Revival feature on the soundtrack; providing the best song of the film in fact – Bad Mood Rising. It wasn’t until years later that I found out that I shared a name with one of the band.

Here’s the band (he’s the one with the big bushy beard no less):

Recently I had this tattoo done by Liam Sparkes – it looks a bit like the sign outside the Slaughtered Lamb pub in the film, and I asked for the “Bad Moon” text to be added to reference the song, which in turn links back to my name. Random I know, but that’s the way my brain works…

There’s another Tom Fogarty ahead of me in Google – he’s a doctor and he invented the “Fogarty Balloon Catheter” (I’m not making this up!).

Here’s the other Tom Fogarty:

Lastly, there’s a really good David Cronenberg film called A History of Violence. The hero of the piece is called Tom, whereas the villain is known simply as “Mr Fogarty”…

And here they are (guess which is which):