Waterloo Pub Crawl

As I no longer have a Facebook account where I can post pictures (in order to prove I have friends and a social life), I thought I’d stick some up on here.

Last Friday I went on a small pub crawl around Waterloo after work. I can’t remember how many we had but it felt like a lot. I went with my mate Gennaro, and his mate, Jamie. Jamie also brought his dad, who was a really sound bloke with some very interesting and funny stories. Jamie also had a full-sleave Japanese tattoo, which left me suitably impressed.

Here are a few of the photos. I’ve left out the blurry ones (of which there were many), but the full set are up on Picasa here:

Waterloo Pub Crawl

Me on left, Gennaro on the right. If we stood a bit closer together our heads would look a pair of tits. Or maybe a giant arse.

In 90% of photos taken of me, I think what an ugly mug. In the other 10%, I’m alright at a glance (but that’s because my face is hidden by shadow).

Jamie & Gennaro. Note the cool tattoo!

Random drunk bird: