Upcoming Gigs – 2011

I found out on Friday that Suede are playing 3 consecutive nights at Brixton in May. They’ll be playing their first 3 albums (one album per night) and I’m quite excited about it. The best thing about them playing only their first 3 albums, is that it means they won’t be playing She’s in Fashion. I’ll probably be going to all 3 nights, but I draw the line at rebuying their “digitally remastered” albums. Balls to that.

I saw Suede twice last year, and I’m also going to see Chas ‘n’ Dave’s fairwell gig in March and the mighty Iron Maiden in the summer. Hell, yeah!

I’m also hoping that some more gigs get pencilled in soon for Joana and The Wolf, Electric Wizard and Sheep on Drugs (and if you don’t know who any of these bands are – shame on you).

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