Up and Running Again

I’ve not had time to post on here recently, mainly because the last few weeks have been very hectic – so here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to:

About 4 weeks ago the agency that I work for, Whitewater, went into liquidation. We had no warning beforehand and it was a pretty stressful and manic time. Wisely, I used alcohol as crutch during this time. You can read more about the demise of Whitewater here if you so wish.

Luckily, I managed to find a new job within 2 weeks with a digital marketing agency in Soho. I started a fortnight ago and I’m really happy there (although I’m still getting used to the workload and heavy schedule). Some of our clients include Friends of The Earth, The British Heart Foundation, RSPCA and The Royal British Legion (plus lots of non-charity companies).

Although I’ve been very poor for a month, scrimping and saving and whatnot while I wait for my first packet of wages – I did a bit of freelance work to tide me over. I also had the pleasure of signing-on at the salubrious Peckham Job Centre for 2 weeks. I found that everything is free when you’re on the dole, so I treated myself to a free checkup at the dentist, as well as an eye-test. I also got myself some swanky new glasses like Elton John/Timmy Mallet.

I’m booked in to get a groovy new tattoo with the lovely and highly-talented Calypso in July, which I’m really excited about. And it also means I’ll be able to cross another one off my list. I’ll post pictures when it’s done, no doubt.

For fun, I’ve mainly been drinking heavily, and I went to a couple of all-nighters at The Prince Charles Cinema which were both really fun nights. I received my Olympics 2012 boxing tickets today, so I have that to look forward to in just over a month as well.

I’ve been working on a complete revamp of this very website, which should be live in the next few weeks, fingers crossed.

And finally, in another groundbreaking announcement, I’ve swapped smoking Drum tobacco for B&H, as I found I was getting a bit throaty and my fingers were becoming a lurid shade of orange.


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