New Twitter Header Profile Layout

Twitter launched it’s new Header profile layout this week, reminiscent of Facebook’s recent Timeline style. Surprisingly, Twitter were very low-key about the announcement, considering the new look is one of the most striking changes to the site since it’s launch in 2006.

The new feature has not been imposed upon all users, and the header option is hidden away in Twitter’s design edit page.


To enable the new header profile:

Edit Profile > Design > Change Header

The dimensions of the header are 520 x 260px, but Twitter recommends 1200 x 600 (max. size 5MB).

Having my finger pressed firmly on the digital pulse, I was eager to implement the new look on my own account, and you can see the results at @SpiderWebDesign

I also updated my background image while I was at, and chose to use a tiled image of my mug splashed across the page; highlighting my poor Photoshop skills, non-existent eye for design, and perhaps, megalomania.

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