For me, 2011 was the year of the troll.

For anyone who doesn’t know what the phrase means (apart from being an ugly slow-witted beastie), in internet parlance it’s anyone who causes trouble online. People that lurk in chat rooms, posting nonsense to wind up others – those are trolls. People that send emails marked as “highest priority” (even though they’re actually not) – those are trolls too.

I didn’t realise until this year, that I’m actually a massive troll; generally on Facebook and Twitter, arguing in threads with anything my friends say – just for the sake of it.

Here’s a brilliant example of someone trolling internet dating sites, very funny stuff.

Then I saw the film Troll Hunter, released in 2011, and the word started to mean much more:

Based on the film, “trolling” is simply to catch trolls. Therefore in my lingo, chatting up birds (particularly rough ones), is to go “trolling” or to be a troll hunter.

The word seems to have expanded and can take many forms – the only way to understand it’s meaning fully, is to appreciate the context in which it’s used. This means you have to be able to follow the logic inside my head, with is no mean feat. It’s a bit sloppy to use language in this way though; a bit like when the smurfs use the word “smurfy” interchangeably to represent whatever they happen to be thinking at the time: “Hey Smurfette, I’m feeling totally smurfy today!“.

Little blue cunts.

“Troll” is such a funny word though (to me at least).


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