Tonight! Tonight!

A blog post about this and that – a Friday night weekly round up…

Been a funny week really; some ups, some downs – but good on the whole (but then I have a warped sense of humour).

Workwise, it’s been fairly dreadful ; the server at work has been playing up something rotten, and most of the company’s sites have been down or unusable  all week. World Travel Awards, Breaking Travel News, Sport Tourism Expo (and more) – all buggered. And sometimes, the commands  /etc/init.d/apache2 restart and /etc/init.d/mysql restart simply will not do.

Me and this other bloke from work have got quite despondent about the state of our lives lately, and we’ve taken to wandering the streets at lunchtime like tramps/hobos/homeless vagabonds. For the last 2 days we’ve gone to the “Job Club” – a local charity for unemployed homeless people – and antagonised the lady who works there and considered eating our sandwiches at the computer desks. We’ll probably go back there on Monday too. Bear in mind that I’m 30-years old and he’s 38ish.

We’ve made plans to go to the Imperial War Museum to stare at the Nazi outfits, and also to hang out at the decrepit Elephant & Castle shopping centre. I like to think of us as a Withnail & I/Waiting for Goddot duo, but we’re probably just creepy old men.

After work I decided to be spontaneous and I went to a tattoo shop in sleazy Soho to get a tattoo on my ribs. The only trouble was the shop closed at 7pm. And I got there at 6:45. I was astonished that a central London tattoo shop would close at that time on a Friday! Still, that’s spontaneity for you, folks…

After that I had some noodles in a very cheap and dodgy noodle house, then slunk off to my local pub for a couple of drinks, alone (as is my way so often these days). I bought my drink, sat down… and then realised it was “Gay Night”. I’ve always considered myself a free-thinking, liberal man – but I’m ashamed to say I was terrified. Still stayed for 2 drinks though (I was thirsty). A man came in who looked like Prince Adam from He-Man and I had to leave.

On the way home 3 people crossed over the road to avoid me – I didn’t know whether to feel good or bad about that. I’d like to look like a dodgy East-End villainous type, but not a sex offender…

Now I’m at home, typing this and  listening to Misfits, Ramones, Rezillos, GG Allin, Damned, Stooges etcetera. I’ll put some Elton John, Liberace and maybe Ricky Martin, on later.

I’ll finish with a quote from a favourite author of mine (Kurt Vonnegut):

[smoking] “Is a classy way to commit suicide“.

But I wonder if it’s possible to do it in one night?




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