Tom Fogarty Poem

I’ve had some dark days (and nights) recently, and I don’t want this to turn in to some dreary emo/gothic blog. So with that in mind, I’m going to take a little break – until I have some funny stories to tell again.
I’ll leave you with this – it’s a little poem I wrote and it sums up my life rather well I think:

(back soon I hope)

GG Allin, Murder Junkies
I like midgets, also monkies

Bovva boots, skinhead
Withnail & I, Dawn of The Dead

I’m quite well endowed, but not one to boast
Jumping in puddles, eating toast

Compulsive blogger, I do music reviews
My name is Tom and I have tattoos

A bit of a cynic, I like a good moan
I go to the pub, I drink alone

Not much of a looker but alright at a glance
I go to shady venues, I love to dance

I can be clever, but never a snob
Usually crass, a borderline yob

A web designer but a right mess I make
Hulk Hogan, Jake The Snake

Happy when drunk, you’ll find me joking
If not I’ll be outside, in a corner smoking

PHP coding, I create lots of bugs
Staying up late, taking drugs

Video nasties, zombie flicks
Quite the loner, I never meet chicks

Baldie head, could pass as a monk
I listen to heavy metal, ska and punk

Don’t read my mind – my thoughts are obscene
I wear specs but my eyes are green

I dwell in Camberwell in a tiny flat
I live on my own but I’d quite like a cat

Don’t raid my place, you might find a stash
Too lazy to shave, often with ‘tache

I like The Ramones, The Pogues and The Doors
Usually single… but I could be yours