Tom Fogarty: Music Journalist


I am now a music journalist. Well, sort of. I’ve been taken on as a writer for Penny Black Music. It’s not paid work, but I will get to go to free gigs and write about them afterwards. And that’s something that I’m really thrilled about. I’m not hoping to change careers or anything, but I love going to gigs, and I love writing – so why not combine the two? It’ll also be nice to do some structured, focussed writing – instead of my usual rambling nonsense on here.

I’m going to get some business cards printed up later (designed by moi, naturally):

Tom Fogarty

Web Designer

Home Tattooist

Music Journalist

My first review is online here at PennyBlackMusic. It’s about Joana and The Wolf (of course) from The Lexington in August. There’s a couple of spelling mistakes, and I’m credited at “Tom Fograty”, but who cares?


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