Tom Fogarty & Jane

Tom Fog is Easy to Draw

Being a bespectacled baldie I’ve always been incredibly easy to caricature (I basically look like a potato from Lidl). Taking this into account, I thought I’d share some of the drawings that people have done of my shiny bald bonce. Enjoy.

Also – if anyone else wants to draw me – I’ve got a couple of spare frames at home (approx. 30x40cm) – so get your artistic juices flowing and you can go up on my wall! I secretly think that I am the centre of the universe so it would probably be good for my ego as well…

Carly Strauss
Although we’ve not met, I’ve known Carly for a few years online and she is quirky, hot and funny. She also does these awesome portraits based on her friends’ Instagram “selfies”. She sells a lot of her work and was personally commissioned by transexual porn star, Buck Angel to draw him/her. How cool is that? Here is the Instagram portrait carly drew for me, which I’m happy to say is hanging on the wall at my mum’s house:

Tom Fogarty by Carly Strauss

Check out her stuff here:

Holly Hooper
Holly used to work in my local pub and had to put up with me drunkly leering at her on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis. Holly has since gone on to graduate with an art degree and has moved on to bigger things, although she’s still a looker. Holly drew this of me for a project she was working on and features elements from different posts on this very blog!

Tom Fogarty by Holly Hooper

Check out some of her work here:

Paul Shinn
I went to school with Paul, but despite this, he has still managed to make something of his life – and is currently working as a freelance illustrator. He drew this for me last year when I was taking part in Movember:

Tom Fogarty by Paul Shinn

Rather than grow a moustache for Movember like the rest of us, Paul chooses to draw mastachioed celebrities instead, and you can view his Movember blog (and donate) here:

Emma Bevan
I work with Emma and she’s one of those clever UX people who knows all about usability, interface interactions and stuff. She’s also a very talented drawer too, but as with all talented creatives, she has her flaws as well (she is Welsh). Emma drew this at work last week, after I drunkenly tried to get into the G-A-Y in Soho (I wasn’t allowed in). My Tinder really doesn’t work my the way, but I am a brilliant dancer:

Tom Fogarty by Emma Bevan

You can have a look at Emma’s funny cartoon blog here:



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