Time To Get Fit

Decided to get myself in shape. Actually I’m already pretty healthy (I’m the kind of person who goes up the stairs instead of taking the lift, and walks up escalators even though they move in that direction anyway).

It’d be good to do some sort of activity in the evening though that might help me sleep. And I might get to meet some new people while I’m there…

I know that last point won’t happen though; I went to the gym for a while a couple of years ago (for similar motives) and didn’t speak to anyone! Mainly because I was paranoid that people would think I’m the sort of person who goes around talking to strangers i.e the annoying, slightly creepy men who usually try to strike up conversions with me when I’m at the BFI/PCC on my own.

Here are the “get fit” options:

Jogging in the park

Probably not going to happen – I was good at sprinting at school, but used to get bored when doing long distance running. And no one goes to the park to sprint do they? Unless you happen to be a Jack Russell or Cocker Spaniel. And anyway, I run like a girl.

Pumping Iron

This might be an option. I did this a few years ago. Trouble is although I got physically stronger, I didn’t put on any noticeable muscle. Probably because I didn’t want to eat 4 turkey breasts a day and inject steroids in to my arse. Maybe I will this time…


I like the idea of this one. I might be a bit self-conscious about my gangly frame and comedy tattoos though. And I’d need to sort out my posture; at the moment I stand like the third one along in those “evolution of man” diagrams. I’m not the most elegant of swimmers either, in fact when I swim I look a bit like I’m actually drowning.


The thought of this one appeals to me too, but I don’t know if I’d go on my own. I used to do beginners ballroom dancing at the Pineapple Dance studio a while back and it was great fun. Ended up arguing with my dance-partner (and then-girlfriend) too much so we stopped going though. She took it very seriously and wanted to be the best in the room, whereas I just wanted to learn the steps and have fun. If I went alone it’d be on the back of my mind that the girls there think I’m some perv who’s only there to “cop-a-feel”. And maybe I am…

Probably opt for the gym then…


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