This and That

Not been posting much lately – but don’t worry – it’s not because I’m dead. Nor is it because I lead a rich and active social life. Mainly, I’ve just been working long hours.

I won’t have time to blog for the next couple of days, but I’ll try and catch up at the weekend.

Tomorrow night I’m going to See Chas ‘n’ Dave play a farewell gig at the O2 Indigo arena. Then on Friday I’m going to see Joana And The Wolf at Club NME at KOKO. I’m really looking forward to both gigs.

Changing the subject, I have the Akismet spam filter on my blog – and a jolly good job it does too. Usually.

Today I spotted it had flagged a new comment as spam. When I looked, I found it was the best comment I’ve probably ever had – so I’ve put it live.

The comment was made by Faustino Beseau to my Valentine’s Day blog post:

“Hey I realy enjoyed reading your blog I found it on Google I book marked it to show to my wife. We have Been making eggs for years. It is such a fun hobby” [sic]




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