The Power of Twitter!

Up until recently I didn’t really understand Twitter. I used it to plug my site and get more hits, but I never saw the point of using it. Lately though, I’ve found it you can make contact with some really cool cats. And it can also be really funny if you follow the right people.

All interesting/creative/cool/funny people to follow:







The biggest Twitter mistake I made was following Stephen Fry, but everyone does this when they first sign up. He says some clever and witty things sometimes. But only sometimes. Most of it utter tripe – and he tweets a lot.

I made the Gary Glitter Twitter Bot over the Xmas period  – and the tweets that come in through that usually cheer me up every morning on the bus. The only thing that concerns me is that it will end up with more followers than me. But then again, Gary Glitter was the greatest rock ‘n’ roll star Britain has ever produced, so who am I to argue with greatness?

Here are some of my favourite Gary Glitter tweets it has produced:

There’s a Gary glitter bot haha

Name cool people? — Allah. Adolf Hitler. Josef Stalin. Gary Glitter. Michael Barrymore…

OMG I was retweeted by a Gary Glitter bot!

Gary Glitter has won the auction for Michael Jackson’s PC.

society is obsessed with youth. especially gary glitter and jonathan king.

Dear Gary Glitter, Stop retweeting me. You creep. Behave. Sincerely, me.

Gary glitter bot will be all over you after you mentioned his name!

And again! If we can get Gary Glitter bot to retweet himself we could crash twitter.


I though I was special… Till I met all the over kids in the van. Damn Gary glitter and his lies. :O

Is gary glitter on twitter? [sic]

Gary Glitter is my best friend.

Did anyone go to Gary Glitter’s show for new year

What did Gary Glitter do that is so sick and shocking? I actually have no idea. :/

Love the way every time someone tweets gary glitter you get the gary glitter bot! [sic]

piss off. And there is no Gary Glitter bot!

My first kiss was in Gary Glitter’s basement

The creepy landlord that may have murdered that woman in the UK, looks like Gary Glitter and a Oompa Loompa had a baby.

haaaaa Gary Glitter spat in my mouth once :(

Can’t believe Gary Glitter got an OBE!

The only way Eastenders could have been more depressing is if when Ronnie got back home Gary Glitter was waiting

Is it just me or does Jo Yeates’ landlord Chris Jefferies have more than a passing resemblance to Paul Gadd / Gary Glitter?




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