Texas Chainsaw Massacre On The Big Screen!

Having been a fan of old-school horror films since I was a kid, I was dead chuffed to finally see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre at the cinema today. It was showing as part of Fright Fest at the Empire in Leicester Square.

The only trouble with being a film geek I find, is that I have to do more than my fair share of sitting next to nerdy men with ponytails, beards and Ghostbusters T-shirts, and women with purple hair. Actually I quite like the woman with purple hair (although I’d never stand a chance obviously, as I can’t grow a ponytail or a beard).

Anyway, being a true geek, here’s a list of some of the other classic horror films I’ve seen at the cinema:

An American Werewolf in London



The Evil Dead


The Thing


Night of The Living Dead

Dracula (Hammer)

The Shining

Dressed to Kill



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