Terry Alderton – World Travel Awards Gig

Not blogged much last week as I’ve been really busy at work. Not had a day off in 2 weeks and I’ve been doing really long days too.

The company I work for (World Travel Awards) puts on awards ceremonies for companies in the travel industry. This Sunday was the 2010 Grand Final, hence all the work. The event was held at a swanky hotel in Park Lane called Grosvenor House, and my main role was to do the IT; set up a network/printer and such. On Saturday I worked from 9am – 9pm. Then on Sunday, 9am-1:30am(Monday!). Then back to work at 9:30am on the same day…

I got to help out at the event too, ushering people around, and general arsing about at the “Photo Wall”. I also had to work behind the stage with some models (whose job was to collect the punters and take them to the stage). I have to say, I had some bad preconceptions about the models beforehand. I thought they were going to ignore me or be snobby, but in actual fact they were really lovely down-to-earth girls. I didn’t get to sleep with any of them though.

The event host was a stand-up comedian called Terry Alderton. He was really funny and a really nice bloke (as was Bobby Davro last year). I got to to talk to him behind the stage between segments and he was so laid-back and cool.

His comedy talents were totally wasted on that audience though, who mainly just stared at him aghast. Bearing in mind that the audience consisted of clients from all around the world – Terry Alderton basically ripped the piss out of the whole world, nation by nation.

Example: Opening gag of the evening. “Are there any Germans here tonight? Well I can recreate a few sounds to make you feel at home..“. He then proceeded to do a spot on impression of an air raid siren. Bloody brilliant!

He’s well worth checking out, and he’s bald like me too.

Update: 12th November 2010

Found this article online about the event.


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