Teenage Art

I’ve been banging on about this DarkSide Exhibition for some time now, so I decided to get started. I popped to my mum’s place yesterday to get some pens and paint etcetera and while I was there I had a look through some of the stuff I did when I was a teenager.

This was the last time I did any proper artwork (unless tattoos count?) and it was all done way back in the late 1900s. Circa 1998 I believe.

Interestingly, most of it is dark and many of my obsessions at the time still hold true today: horror films, nudity, tattoos, graffiti, and erm… cats!

Most of it is unfinished as well, which probably says quite a lot about me.

Some of it is better than I remembered, and my skill at drawing is obviously only surpassed by my talent as a photographer (hence all the deliberate use of moody shadows – honest).

I’ve stuck all the pictures up on Picasa here.

And here’s a sample of it:

Pencil and felt tip

These were graffiti designs of my name..

Acrylic paint I think..

Jimi Hendrix

Dawn of The Dead

All taken from Nightmare on Elm Street

Taken from Evil Dead 1 & 2