Tattoo Help Needed!

Warning: this will be a bit of a peculiar blog post. Just for change.

I’ve not had much sleep lately – tonight was meant to be an early night – but instead I find myself at 1am, tipsy on Scotch, listening to The Damned and posting gibberish (again).

Righto. Down to business: this is an appeal for help. Not in an” intervention – take me to the hospital/psychiatric ward” – kind of way… but I genuinely would like readers’ input on this (and it’s a tattoo question).

I don’t really like tattoos with text/lettering (unless it’s ironic) – but for some obscure reason I need to get some wordy ink (in red) pretty soon. So I’m asking for suggestions please.

My first ideas were:

Arbeit macht frei

The end is nigh

His beard was grizzled, no?

See you next Wednesday

Happiness is a warm gun

Dog will hunt

Fire walk with me

Common sense isn’t all that common

Garbage Pail Kids

Neil, your bedroom’s on fire

I am happy

Or any other suggestions that’re really cool, stupid or brutal…