New Blog – Spider Web Design

So I’ve been having problems with my hosting company. The redirects I’ve set up only seem to work when they want to. My sub-domains hardly ever work and now I’ve found out I’m nearly out of space. This is a

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Old Sites, Old Friends… New Starts

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I made a website. I also used to write and draw stuff, until I got lazy and stopped, and started to drift through life. This was 11 years ago to

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New Rotating Flash Galleries on Site

I’ve got quite a few blog-worthy things to post about in the next few days; been to a couple of art exhibitions (Paul Gauguin and the Russian Criminal Tattoo Exhibition), cinema etcetera. And tonight I’m going to see a John

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Is Google AdWords Any Good?

Just received £75 of free Google AdWords vouchers in the post. I thought I might as well give it a try… but is it actually any good? I do a little bit of freelance web design/web development in my spare

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Geek News – Site Updates

This is one for the tech-minded out there, it’s basically just a rundown of the recent site updates I made last week. I spotted a bug on the photos page in Internet Explorer, where the rotating flash box was rendering

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A couple of new websites on the way!

It’s been a really long busy week, workwise, so not really been blogging and twittering much. I can report that I’m working on 2 new websites though; the first is for a very cool tattoo studio called Shangri-la. The second

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I’ve just finished this website for Shangri-la tattooist, Liam Sparkes. The site was made entirely with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I’m really pleased with the results. Check out the website and get some ink done: – COMING SOON!

I’m currently designing a website for talented tattoo artist, Liam Sparkes. There’s only a holding page there at the moment, but have a look and keep checking back for updates. Liam does some really cool and unusual tattoo work,

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RSS and PHP Malarkey

Not been up to much as I’ve had a stinking cold all week. I was playing around with RSS feeds and PHP and manage to pull my friend Paul’s latest blogger entry in to my site, see here. Then I

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Spider Web Design

The site is now re-designed and launched. There may be some minor tweaks required yet, but on the whole I’m very pleased with it. Visit