Spider Web Design – Facebook Page

I’ve been trying to keep myself busy recently, so I made a new portfolio site. It’s nothing flashy – it uses Twitter Bootstrap’s default 2-column layout, some Google web fonts and a bit of jQuery. That’s about it. It’s coded

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New Blog – Spider Web Design

So I’ve been having problems with my hosting company. The redirects I’ve set up only seem to work when they want to. My sub-domains hardly ever work and now I’ve found out I’m nearly out of space. This is a

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If Music Be The Food of Love..

I had a really strong urge to blog tonight, but couldn’t think of anything much to say. No change there then. Decided to share my Last FM profile with you: Last FM – SpiderWebDesign I don’t have a an iPod,

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Google Re-Indexing

So I’m still waiting for Google to re-index my site, but the bastards don’t seem to want to do it. Basically, what I want is for them to list www.tomfogarty.com instead of www.tom-fogarty.com. I don’t have a lot of patience.

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YouTube Channel – Spider Web Design

Video - YouTube Channel – Spider Web Design

I set up a YouTube channel over the weekend – partly because I had a creative vibe going on for a while there – but mainly because I was bored: YouTube – Spider Web Design I’ve only got 2 shoddy

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New Facebook Page

A couple of weeks back I deleted my Facebook profile as it was getting on my nerves. As a result of this my blog views have taken a serious drop, so I had to come up with a workaround for

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www.liamsparkes.com – Live This Week


I’ve just finished this website for Shangri-la tattooist, Liam Sparkes. The site was made entirely with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and I’m really pleased with the results. Check out the website and get some ink done: www.liamsparkes.com