Midget Roundup 2010

Here's my midget roundup for 2010. PLEASE NOTE - I do not condone the actual rounding up of midgets (even if they start hanging round the streets in gangs). Also, I'm actually not taking the piss. Well, I guess I am; I'm doing that thing where people say they're not taking the piss, just before they proceed to take the piss... But what I mean is, I genuinely do like midgets.   He Pingping Used to be the smallest man in the world, but sadly died in 2010. He used to smoke something like 60 cigarettes a day, which makes him the Jim Morrison of the midget world. Gary Coleman The star of 80s comedy, Diff'rent Strokes also passed away in 2010 following "a fall in his LA home". Presumably he'd climbed up on a high stool, trying to reach the cookie jar. Still, at least it wasn't a drive-by shooting. I'm going to miss that little guy, he was like a father to me. Bridget "The Midget" Powerz And now for some good news. Porn star, Bridget "The Midget" Powerz got a boob job in 2010. I've censored the nipples to protect our kids. UPDATE (5th Jan): After posting this a friend sent me this link, well worth reading: I Love Tiptoes