Tom’s Darts Roundup

As the Grand Slam of darts is on ITV4 this week, I thought I'd do a quick roundup. Not of the tournament results mind you, but of my favourite darts players. The best thing about darts is the pub stereotypes who play it:     Steve "The Adonis" Beaton Got his nickname because he is an Adonis. Apparently there is no irony intended in the nickname. Brian "Pecker" Woods Has the best website of all the darts players. Ever. "The Count" Ted Hankey Got his nickname because he looks just like Dracula (at a glance). One letter away from being an accurate nickname. Mervyn "The King" King Moody bastard. Balances his time between playing darts, drinking pints and governing the Bank of England. "Wolfie" Martin Adams Looks like a werewolf. Like to wear gold. Cackles a lot (after his own jokes). Andy "The Viking" Fordham Not from Denmark, Norway or Sweden, but does like pub food.