Cactus News 2

Someone very special to me is going through a really rotten time at the moment, so I'm posting this as a stupid attempt to cheer them up. A while back by cactus grew some bastard mushrooms on it - as mentioned previously. Well I'm now glad to report that the mushrooms have gone and it's started to flower!

Cactus News!

I know the real reason people read this blog is to monitor my cactus activity... Disaster! My cactus (or should that be "cacti" - I have more than one?) - well anyway - its become infected with some bastard mushroom spore thingy. Being a life-long fan of Super Mario I normally love mushrooms (especially on toast), but this one had to be nipped in the bud, pronto. And just to be cheeky, I've added Cactus Jack as a tag to see if I get more hits...