Supergrass - Alexandra Palace, London 2020

Supergrass Gig Review – Alexandra Palace

On 6th & 7th March Supergrass played at Alexandra Palace (home of the PDC World Darts Championship no less) after a 10-year hiatus. I realise that it’s a bit late to be posting a review of this gig now, but since the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown that followed the very next week after the show, time seems something of an abstract concept now anyway.

In addition to playing back-to-back concerts at Ally Pally, a selection of Supergrass music videos were screened on the evening before as part of the BFI’s BUG series, hosted by Adam Buxton of Adam & Joe fame. Naturally I bought tickets for all three events (and I’m bloody well glad that I did as it looks like it might be the only entertainment outside of my home that I’ll be getting for some time!).

Although I’m mainly into metal and punk, I did briefly listen to Britpop during my teenage years in the 90s, and Supergrass were – and still are – my favourite band of the era by far. Sometimes punky, often rockish and occasionally pure pop – the quartet from Oxford were always entertaining and could be relied on to deliver solid tunes and quality albums. Of all the bands that were part of the Britpop movement, it was Supergrass whose careers endured long after the scene had died. And their music has stood the test of time (well, 10 years so far) and still brings joy to me today.

I was fortunate enough to see the band’s farewell gig in London a decade ago, and I was extremely excited when the band announced last year that a reunion tour would be coming in 2020 to cheer the country up (after more than 3 years of Brexit negotiations and the proclamation of our impending doom due to global warming and climate change, no doubt).

It is Sod’s Law then, that their world tour would have to be cancelled after the London shows due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The show itself was cracking; the spacious venue was overflowing as you might expect for an eagerly anticipated reunion show such as this, and the band played a crowd-pleasing greatest hits setlist, with all the enthusiasm, humour and panache you could hope for. As it’s a month late I won’t go into lengthy detail but I’ve provided the setlist below, and luckily for you I managed to take a really piss-poor photo so it’s almost as if you were actually there at the arena.

I’m glad that I got to see them again and relive my youth for a couple of nights, and hopefully, I won’t have to wait another 10 years to see them play again (but with the COVID-19 situation as it stands, who knows?).

In It for the Money
I’d Like to Know
Mansize Rooster
Seen the Light
Sitting Up Straight
Late in the Day
Richard III
Rebel in You
St. Petersburg
Going Out
Coffee in the Pot
Lose It
She’s So Loose
Sun Hits the Sky

Caught by the Fuzz
Strange Ones
Pumping on Your Stereo




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