Stewart Lee

I went to see Stewart Lee doing stand up comedy at the Leicester Square Theatre tonight. I didn’t have to pay for the tickets – they were donated to me by mate, Abbie – she was meant to be going with her husband, but couldn’t make it in the end. I had no one to go with, but I can honestly say it was an hilarious night. My face is still aching from laughing (and that is very rare for me).

Stewart Lee is an alternative left-wing comedian, who got famous in the early/mid-90s in the UK. He was originally part of a double-act with Richard Herring, and they put out the sketch shows Fist of Fun and Wake Up with Richard, Not Judy on BBC2. Now going solo, his stuff is intellectual,  political, satirical, anti-religious and irreverent. Very glib and very bitter.

Luckily, my seat was right at the back. I say this because I went to a comedy show a couple of months ago – sat right at the front – and 2 of the comedians based at least 20 minutes of theirs acts on me being bald.

Anyway, a massive thank you goes out to Abbie for giving me the ticket!


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