Spider Web Design – Movember 2011

It’s been a really long and tricky week this week – work has been a proper ballache for sure. Tonight is Friday night, but I’m too tired to go out (not too mention too skint). Paradoxically, I’m too wired to actually sleep, which is why I’m still up, typing this.

Being such a busy week I’ve not really had time to shave and I’ve ended up growing a bit of a beard. It’s not a full beard by any means; in fact it looks exactly like a minge. And not an attractive, well-trimmed minge either; a sporadic unkempt minge that makes you say “sort it out, love – I’m not putting my face anywhere near that, thank you very much“. As a matter of fact, so patchy is it – that you might even think that it’s a minge that’s got mange. Except it’s not a minge – it’s a beard. Sort of.

Around this time each year – for some reason I can’t explain – I usually get the bizarre urge to grow a moustache. And then I usually do. Maybe it’s because of the change in the seasons/weather/light. Who knows?

Anyway, my moustahce growing is very well documented on this site already (most of the traffic I get each day is split roughly 50/50 between “Russian criminal tattoos” and “how to grow a handlebar moustache?”). My current boss read this blog when I applied for my job, and is keen to get a team together for Movember this year. This pretty much obligates me to take part.

As far as I can tell – the “team” will only have to grow moustaches – and won’t involve taking showers, touching each others’ dicks, or anything of that nature. I’m not 100% sure though.

So while I have my bit of a beard/minge – I thought I might as well use it as the starting point for Tom Fogarty’s bid for glory in Movember 2011. I’ve set up a page on Movember and everything, although I haven’t started pimping it yet.

Check it out at mobro.co/spiderwebdesign

I’ll be updating the page regularly from tomorrow, so please keep checking back!

Interestingly (although maybe only interesting to me) – I received an email recently from someone who has made an iPhone app for moustache growers – and they’d asked me to review it. It basically takes a picture of you each day while you grow your moustache, then at the end plays it back so you can watch the moustache grow across your face like some deadly plague. Sadly, I don’t have an iPhone otherwise I would have loved to try it out. And as I was so flattered to be asked – I’m giving it a free plug here anyway:





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