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I’ve been trying to keep myself busy recently, so I made a new portfolio site. It’s nothing flashy – it uses Twitter Bootstrap’s default 2-column layout, some Google web fonts and a bit of jQuery. That’s about it. It’s coded using HTML5 on the CodeIgniter PHP framework. The best thing is that it’s completely responsive – meaning it will scale down for different screen sizes. View it on your mobile, or re-size your browser window to see it scale down.

I also stuck a secret warp zone section in there, just for shits and giggles – see if you can find it…

The idea to do it was simple really – I wanted a clean professional site that I could use as an online C.V. The photos on there are appropriate and there is no mention of midgets, porn or drugs. Maybe most astonishing of all, at no point do I use words like “cunt”, “fuck” or “ballbags”.

You can view it here: tom-fogarty.com

To accompany this site, I also set up a Facebook page. Again, it’s very simple – and will feature examples of the websites I have worked on, and any new projects in the pipeline. I might stick some of my music reviews up on there as well.

Please go and ‘like’ it, you bastards: www.facebook.com/tomfoggy



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