Soho Tattoo on Tom Fogarty

Soho Tattoo

Got my first professionally-done tattoo of the year today. My first for about 6 months in fact.

It was done by Mil at Diamond Jack’s Tattoo Studio in Soho. It was a really fun session; Mil is incredibly talented and good company. I’m definitely going back there to get more stuff done by him soon!

The tattoo is a tribute to one of my heroes – Sebastian Horsley – who lived in Soho and died last year.

I’d done a bit of research beforehand, just see what I was letting myself in for – getting a tattoo on my ribs. I found this page that suggests it would be quite a painful one. My favourite comment is this:

To describe the pain of getting tattooed on the ribs, I would say something like this:
It feels like a cross between being cut and being set on fire.

Happily though, I can say that it wasn’t too bad at all – although Mil was a very quick worker so that probably helped a lot.


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