Social Networking 101 (Facebook is a pain in the arse)

I’ve got a cold today so I’m sat on my settee with a box of tissues next to me. No change there then. Ahem.

I’m trying to keep up-to-date with my blog, but I’m finding it a bit of a struggle. Basically, I’ve got bugger all to say. I’m also trying to do the social networking thing (in order to try and get more traffic to my websites), but to be honest I find it all a chore at the moment. What with being such a misery-guts and all.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a roundup of the main social networking sites out there.


Everyone seems to like Facebook, but not me. The trouble is, if someone sends me a friend request I feel terribly rude if I don’t accept it. Even if I have no idea who it is. This got me in trouble with my ex once:

Her: “Who are these girls?

Me: “I don’t know…”

Her: “Then why are they on your friends list??

Me: “They sent a request, and I felt bad not to accept…

Her: “Idiot!


I’ve always liked MySpace, but no one else does! Maybe because of the annoying music and backgrounds that accompany everyone’s profiles. Still, I’m on there so have a look:

Annoyingly, my MySpace page gets more hits than this site and is higher in Google’s rankings.


I use Twitter a couple of times a day, out of duty more than anything (I like to be profane in short bursts). People tend to add me on there, realise what a mistake they’ve made, then block me:

Linked In

I have no idea how to use this site, I think you’re supposed to use it to build up work networks. Tailor-made for my needs you’d think? Well I say balls to it! I’m still on there though, and again my profile gets more hits than this site: (Delicious)

This site is actually really useful, but sadly underused. The idea is simple – you save your bookmarks on there – add tags to them – and access them from any PC you use. And you can share your bookmark lists with friends.


Cool photo sharing site, I’ve got web design work from the contacts I’ve made on here:


Same as above, but part of the ubiquitous Google empire. View my albums here:


Quite good, and similar to Facebook – but not a popular (yet). Pulls in Twitter feeds, blog post etcetera. View my profile here:


I really love Bebo, it’s great. Actually I don’t and it’s not. My profile.


Yep, I’m on YouTube too… although I don’t add any clips. Good for vintage cartoons and music videos though:

Quite good fun, this site keeps a track (pun intended) of the music you’ve been listening to, then suggests other stuff you might like. Only started using this recently:


Scraping the barrel now, but of course I’m there! You can “dig” the site you like, daddy-O. Groovy. You dig?

Blogger/Tumblr et al.

Stick to WordPress.




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