Sit on MySpace!

Who remembers MySpace? Does anyone even use it these days? I must confess that I really used to enjoy MySpace – I preferred it much more than Facebook in fact.

The main reason for this, was that it allowed users to edit the HTML/CSS – so in effect, everyone’s profile became a personal website of sorts. The downside of this was that some people made some shocking pages, complete with dancing bananas and tinny annoying music (but no one should hold this again me – I had to learn to code somewhere).

Another dodgy issue was the way in which teenage girls used to flaunt themselves, posing for profile pictures in their underwear etcetera – but is this really a negative point? I suppose I’ve always had a dodgy outlook in some respects…

I’ve recently enjoyed using Facebook more than I ever did, and this is because of the new timeline layout and features – especially the timeline covers – all of which are akin to MySpace in my humble opinion.

Another reason for being a a fan of MySpace, was that it was public and it  encouraged it’s users to make friends. This is the total opposite of Facebook, which is private and aloof in it’s approach to social networking, although remains in popularity, nonetheless. The privacy of Facebook is probably reassuring to the parents of them teenage girls, mind; especially with people like me lurking about!

Another great thing about MySpace was the way in which it enabled bands, artists and tattooists to build up a fanbase and interact with them directly. Public sharing was commonplace, which I think is no bad thing.

For anyone who’s interested, here my MySpace profile (which I’ve always kept, just for posterity):

And while we’re at it, here’s my Bebo too:




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