Sheep on Drugs - Electrowerkz 2019

Sheep on Drugs Gig Review – Electrowerks 28th September 2019

Sheep on Drugs played at Electrowerks on 28th September with a strong lineup of support provided by Mechanical Cabaret, The Frixion and Dicepeople, following on from a warmup show at the Lexington earlier in the year. As a fan of the band since my teenage years, I went along for the ride…

A SOD gig is always a rare and exciting happening and as usual, the band did not disappoint. The dark and intimate venue was the perfect setting for the duo’s unique brand of industrial noise/electro-punk back-combed bombardment. Indeed, it’s hard to find adjectives to accurately describe a band who steadfastly refuse to be defined by the music industry and cooperate within any facets of mainstream culture. Are they ravers? Are they a rock band? Do they fit within the mould of the punk genre? Etcetera.

Despite the anarchy onstage, one of the reassuring things about a Sheep on Drugs show is the regular faces you tend to see in the audience, having no doubt been loyal supporters, returning to see the band since the mid-90s when SOD first emerged on the scene. So, why do we keep coming back for more like, well, sheep on drugs?

The answer is probably that Lee Fraser and Johnny Borden always deliver a good show – both aurally and visually – and despite their lengthy musical career, always seem to emerge feeling fresh and edgy, with more than a hint of subversion in there too.

Sheep on Drugs are currently touring to promote their latest album, Does Dark Matter, and the songs fit in easily with their back-catalogue, although the tempo is fractionally slower-paced on the new LP (this is not a criticism, as my knees aren’t what they used to be these days!).

In addition to crowd-pleasers such as Motorbike, Track X and of course, 15 Minutes of Fame, SOD performed new numbers such as The Ballad of Whiskey Jane, and also threw in a Velvet Underground cover of Waiting For The Man for good measure.

The set could probably be best described as an assault on the senses; Fraser resplendent in florescent green barnet and mascara’d well beyond Lisa Minelli proportions, whilst Johnny enthusiastically sets fire to prosthetic limbs and spray paints her breasts black.

A good time was had by all then. Check them out if you get the chance!

Sheep on Drugs - Electrowerkz 2019

Sheep on Drugs - Electrowerkz 2019

Sheep on Drugs - Electrowerkz 2019

Sheep on Drugs - Electrowerkz 2019


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