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Sebastian Horsley

Being an up-to-date topical blog that covers breaking news and stuff, I thought I’d better comment on the passing of Sebastian Horsley. From back in June, ahem…

Horsley was an artist/raconteur/heroin-addict who slept with over 1000 prostitues, and lived in Soho. And he’s one of my heroes.

The main reason I like him is because he was an interesting  character who led an interesting life, without compromise. Most of the people I admire in life tend to fall into this category (also worth noting that they tend to be hellraisers):

William Burroughs, Francis Bacon, David Lynch, Alex Higgins, Jim Morrison, Duncan X, GG Allin, Charles Bronson (the bank robber, not the actor).

Horsley’s autobiography, Dandy in The Underworld is very funny and well worth reading. This was adapted into a one-man play of the same name, which I saw at the Soho Theatre back in June. Horsley died of a heroin overdose during the first week of it’s run.

Sebastian Horsley was well known for the plaque outside his Soho flat that read, “This Is Not A Brothel / There Are No Prostitutes At This Address“. Pictures can be found here.

I was in Soho a few weeks ago and was sad to see that the sign has now been taken down (see photo).

RIP Sebastian Horsley

8th August 1962 – 17th June 2010


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