The Sebastian Horsley Guide to Whoring

I re-read one of my favourite books last week, Dandy in The Underworld by Sebastian Horsley. I first read the book a few years ago, and was so taken by it that I promptly went out a got a tattoo for Horsley when he died.

View the tattoo here

Horsley was a self-styled dandy, an artist and a massive smack head. During his career he had himself crucified out in the Philippines. Real nails through the palms and everything. He also slept with over a 1000 prostitutes.

I was slightly trepidatious before reading the book again – just in case it wasn’t as good the second time round – but I’m glad to say I enjoyed it just as much. It’s probably the most funny thing I’ve ever read – one of those books where almost every line is quotable, and makes you want to steal from it and pass it off as your own. Very handy for obsessive Twitter users like myself.


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