Sebastian Horsley Crucifixion

Because it’s Easter I’d thought I’d share this youtube clip of the artist, Sebastian Horsley, being crucified.

The video is totally real and quite unnerving, although you don’t actually see any blood. He doesn’t shout out when the nails go through his hands, which means he must of had quite a high pain threshold – or been totally off his tits on smack at the time (both are equally likely).

There is also a clip on YouTube of the cross breaking and him falling off – again, not planned – and is even more disturbing. Or funny. Depending on your point of view.

It was filmed as a sort of art installation and Horsley had wanted to call it: Is There a God? Or Am I Too Fat?

And as Horsley said himself:

“I have to say, Easter never really meant anything to me. That season when we remind each other of the judicial murder of a Jewish revolutionary two thousand years ago by distributing chocolate eggs to the children of people we dislike.”

So Happy Easter everyone!


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