Scissor Sisters Gig (and 2010 gig roundup)

Went to see Scissor Sisters last Wednesday at the O2 and had a really fun time. I’m not usually a massive fan of this band, but the tickets were free, I had good company and they put on a really good show. Much better seats than when I was at the arena last week too (Suede gig).

As it’s nearing the end of the year, thought I might as well do a roundup of the gigs I’ve been to this year:

Suede (twice) – first was at the Royal Albert Hall with someone I’m really fond of. Second was last week, already blogged here.

Supergrass – final UK gig ever. Really good show, went to see it with a struggling artist.

Motorhead – very loud – already blogged here.

Joana and The Wolf (three times) – my current favorite band – always good. Did I mention I’m doing their new website? One of the gigs was previously blogged here.

Go West – no really – I did. Not sure why though…

Curtis Stigers – took my mum for her birthday. Was on at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Bar – actually a really good gig. And I’m not being sarcastic.

I’m sure I’ve been to more than that this year, but can’t remember any more at the moment…


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