East London Tattoo Exhibition (Russian Criminal)

Made my way over to the Russian Criminal Tattoo Exhibition in East London. It was really good, but tiny – and they wouldn’t let me take any pictures. Most of the pictures were taken from Danzig Baldaev’s collection of photos, taken while he worked as a prison guard in Russia. He wrote 3 books about this (all currently out of print), and they sell for crazy money over on ebay and Amazon:


I had a wander round while I was there and took a few photos (for no particular reason):

Outside the gallery/warehouse

The Ten Bells pub is on Fournier Street and is famous for Jack The Ripper’s victims drinking there. Or something like that. Also Gilbert & George live on Fournier Street. They paint pictures with shit and took some interesting photos of skinheads back in the 80s. I’m a big fan.

Here’s a shabby corner of Brick Lane that I quite liked. Stank of wee though – possibly due to Gilbert & George?

The Blind Beggar pub, famous for being where the The Krays used to hang out (and shoot people in the head). Popped in for a quick pint, nice atmosphere. There was a big fat cat asleep in front of the fire too.