RIP Joana and The Wolf (and Auntie Lilly)

Sad news this week. Last week my aunt died. She was called Lilly and she was 83. She lived in Birmingham or somewhere like that. Hadn’t seen her for about 14 years, since my nan’s funeral in fact.

Sadder still, I found out that my favourite band, Joana and The Wolf split up on 30th December. And shortly before that – a few weeks earlier – my other favourite band, Grinderman announced that they were going to call it a day:

I remember getting hooked on JATW after the first time I saw them – at a screening of An American Werewolf in London a few years ago. Since then I’ve seen them loads of times. They played a lot of free gigs, you see.

People usually haven’t heard of them, but when they hear the name tend to assume they were a Florence and The Machine/Jonah and The Whale clone, but this is not the case. JATW were far better than either of those bands, and started out before them.

At one time I was going to do their website, but it never happened in the end. The drummer always used to say hello to me before their gigs though, which I thought was nice.

I’ve dragged most of my mates to see them (mainly Chris and Paul), and everyone who’s seen them has enjoyed their music. Or possibly they were just being polite. I wish I could have taken Lauren to see them. And Crystal and Gennaro too.

And it’s a real pity they never released an album.

The video above was at Secret Garden Party 2011. I was just out of shot, stage right, going off my tits on Ecstasy and MDMA. I was also wearing wellies. I had a great time!

This was at Koko a couple of years ago. If you squint to the left of the stage you might just be able to spot me; I was trying (unsuccessfully) to make a girl called Diana fall in love with me. Later that night, I got “the fear” and went completely spastic on the night bus:

Here they are at Favela Chic, round the corner from where I work. I was at this gig too, and got very drunk. On my way home I lost my oyster card on the tube, then had a fist fight with the ticket man at the other end. I tried to vault over the gates, but mangled my legs and ended up sprawled on the floor:

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