RIP Charles Napier and David Hess

Much has been said lately (though not by me) about the death of Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. And while it’s true that Apple were innovative, they were also bloody expensive, so that’s all I’m going to say on the subject.

Around the same time, two of my favourite actors died, without mention anywhere in the papers or on the news. In fact, I only found out through Twitter.

The first was Charles Napier, who starred in Russ Meyer’s Super Vixens, The Blues Brothers, Silence of The Lambs and many more.

I’m feeling a bit lazy today so you can read more about him here.

The second was David Hess, star of Last House on The Left, Hitch-Hike, Swamp Thing and House on The Edge of The Park.

More info here.

Both men were icons as far as I’m concerned, I salute them both.




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