Retweeted by the Sodomy Bot

On Sunday night I got retweeted by The Sodomy Bot. It was totally unexpected and it really cheered me up. In fact I texted several of my friends just to share this fact with them. No one replied.

I thought I’d been clever when I thought of the Gary Glitter Bot, but that was no way near as good as the Sodomy Bot: basically if anyone mentions “sodomy” on Twitter, this bot will retweet it, but prepend “I love sodomy!” to the front of the tweet. Genius.

And what I also love is that the profile picture is of Super Mario and a girl sitting in the bath. Mario is saying “It’s that time again…” ominously. They also have a tiled background image of a man brandishing a cosh.

I was so impressed that I am now following The Sodomy Bot (along with the Gary Glitter Bot), so I get to laugh hysterically like a lunatic several times throughout the day – usually on the bus.

And you may well be thinking why was I tweeting about sodomy?

It was all perfectly innocent;  I was quoting Winston Churchill  (via The Pogues album) – Rum, Sodomy and The Lash. Well worth checking out