Not blogged in over a week. This is partly because there is lots going on, and there is nothing going on (any paraphrasing of Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities is merely accidental). That sounded shit didn’t it?

The main reason I haven’t posted, is because the internet is down at my flat (along with the telephone). I’ll get around to sorting it out soon. I’m actually finding the lack of internet quite liberating (if somewhat limiting for a web developer/designer).

The good news (I think?) – is that I have to stay at my mum’s place this week, in order to feed her cats while she buggers off on holiday. Did I mention she lives in Peckham? Which increases the likelihood of me getting shot in the next week exponentially.

At least she has the internet – which means I can update my blog. This also means that I have access to pornography again.

Another good thing about being at my mum’s place is that she doesn’t have any decent local pubs. I know this actually sounds bad – but it means that I can save some money this week. This is good because I plan on getting tattooed next weekend.

It’s also good to be around cats again. I really cats, but I find they’re a bit like wives; I don’t minding stroking somebody else’s – but I wouldn’t want one of my own at the moment.

Anyway, back to the blog – I will try and post every day this week. It’s not like I’ve got anything better to do…


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