Crystal's Hand

Reasons to be Cheerful

I was looking the files and photos on my laptop tonight and I found this photo that really cheered me up. It was sent to me ages ago, I saved it … then promptly forgot about it. Then out of the blue you stumble across something by accident that makes you happy. It’s funny how things like happen in life. So thanks to the person who sent it (they know who they are).

It’s a keyring of a Garbage Pail Kid, back from the late 80s. I used to be a massive fan of these stickers as a child. In fact, I still have the complete set released in the UK (all 6 series). I am an uber geek.

This has actually given me an idea (more details to follow in a future blog post soon. Watch this space…).

In other news, I have my first Movember donation over at – courtesy of Abbie Haslett. I know Abbie off Twitter and she’s very funny and cool. She’s also a web designer/developer (much better than me).

I’m also going to see the standup comedian, Stewart Lee, on Saturday. And then in early December I’m going to the ATP Nightmare Before Xmas music festival with my mate Chris and some of the Primavera crew, where I am going to rave non-stop for 3 days and take enough drugs to kill a horse.




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