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Last Random Photos of 2010

Just noticed that the last blog post I stuck up on here was my 100th. I’m so glad it was about midgets.

Anyway, was just clearing the old photos off my camera and phone – and found these random shots from 2010. They’re not of much interest but I thought I’d post them anyway.

The photo at the top-left is of me with a co-worker at a work event. Her name is Rebecca and she’s lovely. She doesn’t have a Facebook account so you can’t stalk her (I’ve tried). Obviously, I fell in love with her for a short period after this photo was taken, as is my wont. And yes, I’m wearing a suit.


Took this in the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane. I was working there at this event.

Reminds me of a bargain basement version of Rothco. I like Rothco a lot, in particular because he slit his wrists in the bath (I think artists should suffer…).

Sunflower Seeds - art?

This is when they filled the turbine hall at Tate Modern with sunflower seeds (all in the name of art). The bastards wouldn’t even let me walk on them. And they’re not for eating either.

The Moon

This is when I tried to take a picture of the moon (I think). Failed miserably though. I really must learn how to use my camera properly in 2011; I’ve never even “zoomed in” yet.

Dead Bee

This is a dead bee (I didn’t kill it). Found this in my flat one morning.

That’s all folks.




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