Tom Fog Cocktail

Raise a Glass to Old Tom Fog

This will probably come as a surprise to most of you, but occasionally I enjoy the odd drink or two. I don’t imbibe on a regular enough basis to have found a favourite tipple of choice, of course; aside from Guinness, Scotch, lager, red wine, white wine, bitter, cider, absinthe, vodka and Martini – I’ve found I’m quite fond of Mother’s Ruin, aka gin. But did you know that there’s actually a cocktail named after me? The good people at the Grand Union in Camberwell Grove were kind enough to blend a gin-based boozy beverage in honour of how great I am earlier this year. It was on sale for about a week I’m told, and I’m surprised it didn’t sell more – considering how famous I am.

It’s a highly refreshing pick-me-up (but as with all gin drinks, there is a risk of crying, ranting and general self-pity if you have too much). Please note – I will not be held responsible for any inappropriate texts you may send after midnight.


– Gin, Hayman’s Old Tom (of course) – a very liberal measure of.

– Limoncello, Italian lemon liqueur – another very liberal measure of.

Garnished with:

– Mint – a sprig of.

– Cucumber – some slices of.

– Lime – a slice of (optional).

So if you’ve had a shitty day, why not mix yourself one and raise a glass to old Tom Fog.

One final note: Do the Hermit’s Cave have a Tom Fog cocktail? No, they fucking don’t. So fuck them and don’t go there.


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