Can I Have a "P" Please, Bob?

There’s nothing like a good pub quiz to make you realise just how stupid you are.

I went along to the Other Space London yesterday to see a photo exhibition by Ben Rayner. It had been recommended to me by Kinglux so I was quite looking forward to it. I dragged Paul along in order to try and make up for the last time I dragged him to an exhibition. The only thing is, the gallery was closed.

Luckily the gallery is above a pub, so we popped in there instead. The pub is called The Bear – halfway between Camberwell and Brixton – and Tuesday night is pub quiz night at The Bear.

The questions were ridiculously hard, and seemed to have been chosen by an autistic person with an enthusiastic but highly limited source of reference to draw from. Basically, 42 questions about cooking ingredients, beer brewing, civil aviation and the Royal Navy. We were only a 2-man team, so needless to say we came last (21 points off the lead, no less). It was  2 quid to enter and the winners won the pot… but seeing as only 4 teams took part, they walked home with a pot of about £12. Split between 4 people.

Some people actually did seem to know the answers to these impossible questions by the way. Although in my opinion, some knowledge is just too embarrassing to admit having. Example: Up until the 16th century, what common ingredient was not included in the brewing of ale in the UK? Answer: nitrogen. And what answer did we give to that one? Sugar.

We did manage to win a round of drinks though,  for having the best team name (and it had to be a topical team name):

“Moscow to casualty – I’ve lost both my legs in arrivals”

Because of the Moscow airport bomb that morning.




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