Primavera Sound 2011 – Part 2 (Words)

So, Primavera Sound 2011 – what an amazing experience. I mean like a life-changing experience. Well, maybe. I guess time will tell.

It was actually an amazing week all round. On the Monday night – the day before flying out – I met a very special person from America. She likes to keep a low profile on the internet, but she knows who she is.

Barcelona itself was very cool – 2 days before the festival I met some of the best people in the hostel – we drank lots of Sangria, and did karaoke (something I always said I’d never do). I even listened to an impromptu acoustic rendition of Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby at 3am in a girl’s bedroom.

The beach was great too, although I managed to burn my feet so badly on the first day that they swelled up like balloons. Swell (pun intended).

I was lucky enough to spend the 3 days of the festival with a truly smashing girl called Jude who I met at the hostel. My favourite moment of the whole holiday was dancing with her at 5:30 in the morning – drugged up on pills – to a band called Battles. It was really hot but it was also raining slightly. Brilliant.

The Flaming Lips and Of Montreal put on visually stunning sets. And Grinderman and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion rocked hard. Grinderman playing Get It On was my favourite song of the festival – at one point Nick Cave yanks Warren Ellis on the floor while he’s playing the maracas (look it up on YouTube). I almost expected the very intense Nick Cave to scream in his face “GET UP, FOOL“. But he didn’t.

Pissed Jeans ended their set by shouting “We hate everything. We hate you guys. FUCK OFF. WE HATE YOU ALL“. Which I thought was nice.

Pulp and PJ Harvey also played brilliant sets.

On one of the days I spent ages trying to find a backstreet tattoo shop, so I could mark the occasion with some ink. Couldn’t find a shop though. Coincidentally, one of the bands – Male Bonding – turned to out to be fronted by a friend of my tattooist, Liam Sparkes. Small world.

During PJ Harvey’s set I rubbed my tired eyes, but inadvertently rubbed sun tan lotion in to them. This made me cry like a bitch for about an hour and I ended up with swollen eyes like piss-holes in the sand. And it probably looked like I was crying because the music was so beautiful or something (which is even worse).

On my last day, we had to check out at 10:30 and I didn’t get a chance to charge my phone in time – meaning that I couldn’t say goodbye to Jude. So she probably thinks I’m a bastard now.

I went to bed at around 7am each morning, then got up around 9:30 for breakfast. Felt like a spasticated zombie by the end of it all.

Here are the bands I saw:

Of Montreal


The Flaming Lips



Girl Talk

Big Boi




The National


Wolf People


Male Bonding

Fleet Foxes

PJ Harvey

DJ Shadow

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Pissed Jeans

The Black Angels

Kode9 And The Space Ape

There were more but I’ve forgotten. Missed Suicide play though.




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