Pedro the Porn Star Cat

While innocently browsing the internet the other day, I came across this video (pun not intended). It had a lovely title like Do Your Homework or I will Stop Fucking You. I gave it a watch, but only because I have friends who are teachers, and I thought it might be beneficial to them to find ways in which to get their pupils to study more effectively.

The gist was this: a mother catches her son wanking off instead of doing his homework, so gives him a blowjob so as to encourage him to study. That’s a bit wrong isn’t it?

It was shot from the POV of the son, so you never get to see his face – but he’s clearly not a schoolboy (his hands are too big).

The best bit though happens at 3:06 mins when you can spot a cat wander into the scene in the background. He’s probably not allowed in the bedroom usually, so saw an opportunity to sneak in while they’re at it. Cats are so crafty aren’t they?

I decided the cat should be called Pedro.

Sorry – I forgot to warn you that this post contains explicit images. It’s also a well-known fact that if you’re a bloke watching porn, and you stare at the willies for too long you will become gay.

At least I managed to finish this post without making a “pussy” gag.